I have created this website to reveal to you something that has helped me over the years when it comes to finding a great gift idea. It can be an impossible task that finds you scurrying around from shopping centre to shopping centre only to give up and buy someone a gift that ends up hidden in the cupboard or drawer.Marc Constantine Affiliate Blogger

Well not anymore folks. I’m going to save you from that torment forever with the ultimate gift of all time. When I first received a framed picture of my favourite band AC/DC from my kids as a birthday present, I was amazed firstly that they actually finally gave me something that blew me away and the amazing quality, attention and detail that went into this awesome birthday gift.

This is the best present I have ever received from my kids ever (please keep this to yourself as my kids think I love every present they ever gave me before this day). I know I should appreciate all the socks and underwear and mugs that I received over the years and I know it’s the thought that counts, but seriously they are boring and not something I can proudly show off, except maybe ‘The Best Dad Ever’ mugs which I do like but after you receive your third one it kind of gets a bit old.

But  an AC/DC framed picture displayed that has a silver CD and a plaque describing their career, well that was something else. I loved it. They must have sensed that because for Christmas I got a Nirvana one and then Father’s day I got a Guns n Roses one. They just kept coming and I didn’t care, I had them hanging on the wall in my lounge room and games room.  I even started getting sports memorabilia of my favourite AFL team as well. All of them proudly displayed for everyone to see.

Once I ran out of space on the wall, I started getting books and other novelty collectors items of my favourite bands. I truly loved these gifts and I started buying them as gift ideas for my family and friends as well and they never failed, every time someone saw the gift I gave them they had a smile and complimented me on a great gift idea . So now folks, I share this Gift Idea with you. If you are stuck on a great gift idea than look no further than Memorabilia. It is truly the Ultimate Gift Idea. 

I hope you enjoy the website.

Marc Constantine

Founder of MyRockstarBooks.com