Memorabilia is the Ultimate Gift Idea

The Eagles Hotel California LP Gold found on eBay

People are always looking for the Ultimate Gift for a friend or family member. What else would make a better gift than something signed by a Sport or Movie star or their favourite Musician or Band. Imagine seeing the look on their face when they unwrap their gift and are blown away by what they now have just received.

Signed Memorabilia is the ultimate gift. It means something, it’s special, it comes with a certificate of authenticity and most importantly it will increase in value. Most gifts whether for Birthday, Christmas or just because you love and respect the person don’t increase in value as time goes on but Signed Memorabilia does. Take for instance the sad and untimely death of basketballer Kobe Bryant the demand for his memorabilia skyrocketed as well as the prices the day after his death.

Same as when Michael Jackson Passed away his signed memorabilia increased by thirty percent minutes after details of his death were announced. My Father is a huge Beach Boys fan and I recently bought him a framed picture signed by Mike Love and Brian Wilson, he was so happy when he opened it he immediately put it up on his wall in the living room and I get to see it every time I visit and remember the joy it gave him. I also know the remaining members of The Beach Boys days are sadly numbered and I will definitely telling my father to get the items valued.

The Eagles not long ago lost one of their founding members in Glenn Frey and that shook the prices of Eagles Signed Memorabilia eventually the other members time will end which will see an increase in Eagles signed memorabilia. I suggest getting in now while you can. Your Love One or friend will be so surprised and happy with this amazing gift and will show it off in their home for many years to come.

Alternatively there is also some cheaper and more affordable Memorabilia that can be found on eBay and Amazon. Although most of this type of Memorabilia is more novelty type items that won’t increase in value they still look good and make the perfect gift for any occasion. Things ranging from rare photos, books and even glassware. My favourite though is the picture frame that comes with photos and a plaque containing the history of your favourite band, actor or sport star.


Don Henley and Glenn Frey playing as backup musicians for Linda Ronstadt. Don Henley was from Texas and moved with his band Shiloh to Los Angeles before joining Linda’s band. Glenn was from Michigan, he met Henley at the Troubadour and approached him about joining Linda’s band. While on tour with Linda Ronstadt, Don and Glenn decided to start their own band instead of continuing with Linda, taking with them Bassist Randy Meisner and guitarist Bernie Leadon.

The name Eagles is said to have come to the band during a peyote and tequila infused outing into the desert. They all liked the name because it sounded very similar to The Beatles. They soon signed to Asylum Records which was David Geffen’s new Label. The band recorded their first debut album in England with producer Glyn Johns who was impressed with the member’s harmony singing. With three top 40 hits the Eagles first album simply named ‘Eagles’ was a huge success.


Rock Clock Eagles Found on Amazon

he first hit single was “Take it Easy’, written by Frey and his neighbour and friend Jackson Browne. Witchy Women and Peaceful easy feeling were also hit singles off the album. The Eagles than toured the U.S. opening for the band Yes. Frey and Henley than began collaborating for their second album ‘Desperado’. This album had more of an old west theme after the boys were shown a book of old west outlaws by a friend. The album wasn’t as successful as their first but did show some promise with songs like Desperado and Tequila Sunrise.

The band members spent their time in L.A. living and partying in the Hollywood Hills, writing songs and bonding together. They would go to the Troubadour club on Santa Monica Boulevard to hang out with other musicians almost on a nightly basis and the party would almost always continue at the house they were all sharing.

Don Felder was than brought into the band for the next album ‘On the Border’ to give the band a rockier sound. Felder was a proficient guitarist and worked on two songs on the album. The member’s were so impressed with Felder they asked him to join as the 5th Eagle. The band got their first Number 1 with ‘Best of my Love’ and were now starting to get a following in America.

The band would than see international success with their next album ‘One of these Nights’, the Henley and Frey songwriting partnership produced another number one hit song with the title track. They also had another two hits with ‘Lyin Eyes’ and ‘Take it to the Limit’. Leadon left the band because he preferred the band stayed with their country roots and didn’t like the direction the band was taking with their more ‘Heavier Rock’ sound.

Joe Walsh was Leadon’s replacement. He had been a friend of the band for a few years and had seen success as a solo artist. The band also released a compilation album called ‘Their Greatest Hits’ and is now the highest selling album of all time. Hotel California would be the Eagles fifth studio album and the first to feature Walsh. Hotel California was a major hit for the band, both song and album was a huge hit for the group and would now see the boy’s sellout concerts the world over.

Tensions began to boil between Randy Meisner and Glenn Frey while on tour. Randy was struggling to hit the high notes on ‘Take it to the Limit’. One night Meisner refused to do an encore of the song and him and Frey began to have an angry argument which became physical and saw Meisner leave the band not long after.

Timothy B Schmidt replaced Meisner. Timothy was the only choice for the band, he was already in a band called Poco but jumped at the chance to join the Eagles. The band than started work on their next album ‘The Long Run’. The album took 2 years to make and saw Felder leave the band after Frey threatened to kick his ass after a show in Long Beach, California.

Henley and Frey also had their problems and it appeared to be the end of the Eagles. After the band had met all their commitments they officially broke up on bad terms and started solo careers vowing “hell would freeze over” before they would ever play together again.

After the 80s and some success as Solo artists, Don and Glenn agreed to meet up at a restaurant to talk about putting their differences aside and reforming the Eagles. The tour would be called ‘Hell freezes over’ and 1994 would see Henley, Frey, Felder, Walsh and Schmidt get back together for the first time in 14 years.

The tour was a massive welcome to Eagle fans all around the world and went on for two years. The tour would also produce a live album also titled ‘Hell freezes over’ and would see two new songs titled ‘Get over it’ and ‘Love will keep us alive’. In 1998 the band was inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame, which saw all seven member’s perform two songs together.  The band would continue making more  music and touring  for  many  more  years  to  come.

Eagles – Hotel California

Memorabilia Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Memorabilia is all about the Nostalgia and theres so much different types of Memorabilia that you can find. When it comes to Beach Boys Memorabilia theres no shortage of choice. On eBay alone you can find everything from vintage concert posters to Tour Jackets and T shirts and even limited edition professionally taken photos.

On Amazon you can find Custom Framed Gold Plated LPs, Wall Clocks and of course Promo Posters, Concert Memorabilia and much much more. All these items are great and will make the perfect gift. They look good displayed in the home or on the wall and will put a smile on anyones face, but they will very rarely increase in value and they don’t have that personal touch that Signed Memorabilia has.

Unfortunately Signed Memorabilia can be pricey and is more suited as an investment than a gift. In saying that though if you can get a group to chip in, signed memorabilia would make the ultimate gift that someone could cherish for many years to come. Keeping in mind though you need to do your research before hand and buy from a reputable dealer. For this I recommend HollywoodMemorabilia.com.

The Eagles Autographed Acoustic Guitar Found on HollywoodMemorabilia.com

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My ConclusionMarc Constantine Affiliate Blogger

Eagles Memorabilia is a great gift for any fan, Signed Memorabilia by Eagles would be even better as the value will go up over time making it a great investment as well. Unfortunately Signed Memorabilia can be quite expensive, I think it’s worth having a look and see if there is anything in your price range(but please remember to follow my rules before purchasing).

Alternatively Amazon and eBay have some great memorabilia on their sites that will still put a smile on any Eagles fans face and will still make a great gift. Thank you for taking the time to read my Article and I hope I helped you with your Gift Idea problems. Also please leave any questions or comments in the comment section.

If signed memorabilia is out of your price range you can also find awesome memorabilia on eBay or Amazon that will also make a perfect gift for any Eagles fan.

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  1. Hello. You have done a great work here. My father is the biggest fan of The Eagles. Because his birthday is coming i would like to purchase a special gift for him. I’m thinking between a quitar or a picture with The Eagles band for his wall. 

    Do you know if i buy one of this i have the possibility to personalize it: for example to write on the quitar “for the best father  in the world! ” 

    Thank you very much and keep in touch ! 

  2. We are huge Eagles fans in my house!  I really appreciate the in-depth history that you communicate in your post.  I did not realize that Jackson Browne had a hand in “Take it Easy.”  “One of these Nights” and “Take it To the Limit” are two of my favorite songs.  My hubbie and I were just discussing the other night how poor the music produced now is.  These guys are legends!  Thanks for the informative post!

  3. This has been quite informative and I am a big Eagles fan. Also, your post about Queen should be just as interesting, especially if Freddie Mercury memorabilia is part of it.

    I have been interested in autographs and reminders of “brushes with greatness” for most of my life. My focus has been with great athletes – a letter from Sam Snead, the old Brooklyn Dodgers autographs of the entire team, pictures alongside Bjorn Borg, etc.

    It was later discouraging for me to see famous athletes selling their autographs, after the willingness to show a friendlier attitude toward fans in prior years.

    These things are indeed great investments and will increase in value over time. The music of the Eagles is part of my treadmuill workout every morning.

    Thanks for the article!


    • Hi Richard

      Thanks for the comments, Eagles are a great band to workout to I also have them on my playlist for when I workout. The post on Queen does include details on Freddie Mercury Memorabilia and is worth checking out.


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