Beach Boys Autographed Memorabilia Is The Ultimate Gift

 Why Memorabilia is the Ultimate Gift

People are always looking for the Ultimate Gift for a friend or family member. What else would make a better gift than something signed by a Sport or Movie star or their favourite Musician or Band. Imagine seeing the look on their face when they unwrap their gift and are blown away by what they now have just received.

Signed Memorabilia is the ultimate gift. It means something, it’s special, it comes with a certificate of authenticity and most importantly it will increase in value. Most gifts whether for Birthday, Christmas or just because you love and respect the person don’t increase in value as time goes on but Signed Memorabilia does. Take for instance the sad and untimely death of basketballer Kobe Bryant the demand for his memorabilia skyrocketed as well as the prices the day after his death.

Same as when Michael Jackson Passed away his signed memorabilia increased by thirty percent minutes after details of his death were announced.  Imagine what will happen to Signed Memorabilia by the members of the Beach Boys when their time comes (best to get in early while prices are low). Beach Boys signed memorabilia is the ultimate gift that will increase in value.

My Father is a huge Beach Boys fan and I recently bought him a framed picture signed by Mike Love and Brian Wilson, he was so happy when he opened it he immediately put it up on his wall in the living room and I get to see it every time I visit and remember the joy it gave him.

Your Love One or friend will be so surprised and happy with this amazing gift and will show it off in their home for many years to come. I also know the remaining members of The Beach Boys days are sadly numbered and I will definitely telling my father to get the items valued.

History Of The Beach Boys.

The Beach Boys are an American rock band formed in Hawthorne, California in 1961. The group’s original lineup consisted of brothers Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson, as well as their cousin Mike Love, and high school friend Al Jardine. Known for their vocal harmonies and early surf songs, they are one of the most influential acts of the rock n roll era, The band drew on the music influences of jazz based vocal groups like the Kingston Trio, 1950s rock and roll, and black Rhythm and Blues to create their unique sound, and with Brian as song writer, composer, arranger, producer, and de facto leader, they often incorporated classical elements and unconventional recording techniques never seen in a studio before.

The Beach Boys began after Brian presented a song called Surfin, not long after that Mike Love and Bian Wilson wrote Surfin Safari. In 1963, the band gained popularity around the nation with a string of top-ten hits reflecting a southern California youth sound about surfing, cars, and romance, that would be dubbed the “California Sound”. From 1964, they abandoned beach going themes for more personal lyrics and ambitious orchestrations.

In 1966, the groundbreaking Pet Sounds album and hit single Good Vibrations raised the group’s persona as rock innovators and established the band as a major impact on the future of the defined 60s sound. After shelving the album Smile in 1967 and releasing Smiley smile instead, Brian’s contributions with the band diminished considerably due to his mental health issues. The band including Brian were also not only experimenting with new sounds but with psychedelics as well. Their commercial momentum faltered, and despite efforts to maintain an experimental sound, they were being overshadowed by bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

Carl Wilson took over as the band’s musical leader until the late 1970s, during which they saw a short rebound with successful worldwide concert tours. With personal struggles, creative disagreements, and the success of the band’s greatest hits albums led the boys to their transition as nothing more than an oldies act. Dennis Wilson drowned in 1983 and Brian soon became estranged from the group.

The Beach Boys saw a return to the limelight with their hit song Kokomo which featured in the Tom Cruise film Cocktail. Between the 1990s and 2000s, the members filed numerous lawsuits over royalties, defamation, songwriting credits, and use of the band’s name. Following Carl’s death from lung cancer in 1998, the group and its corporation granted Love legal rights to tour as “the Beach Boys”with the only original member being Mike Love.

The Beach Boys are one of the most critically acclaimed, commercially successful, and influential bands of all time. They were one of the earliest self-contained rock bands and one of the few US rock bands who still maintained their success during, and after the 1964 British Invasion. Between the 1960s and 2010s, they had over 80 songs chart worldwide, 36 of them in the US Top 40 which is the most by any US rock band, and four of those reaching number-one on the Billboard Hot 100. They have sold over 100 million records worldwide, making them one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time.

The Beach Boys were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. The band started their 50 year reunion tour in 2012 and still tour on and off to this day. As one of America’s most influential and greatest rock bands owning memorabilia signed by the Beach Boys would make a great investment or would make a very special gift for someone who loves this great band. The remaining members are not getting any younger and news on the passing of one of the Beach Boys could see their signed memorabilia skyrocket in value.

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

Things to look out for when buying Sport, Music and Movie Memorabilia.

  • Do your research before purchasing any memorabilia.
  • Ensure you are buying from a reputable seller.
  • Ensure the item comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Go with the Big names eg. Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Harrison Ford
  • Think of supply and demand, look for someone who is recently deceased or someone who is older.
  • Keep and make copies of your receipts and proof of purchase and store them in a safe place.

    Rules To Remember Once You Purchase Your Investment

  • Do not fall in love with your investment.
  • Have a good relationship with the seller as they may come across some items of interest in the future.
  • Look after your Investment, store it in a safe place to keep it’s Value.
  • Make sure you insure your investment in case of loss or damage.
  • Build up a collection to increase value to your investment.

The Beach Boys Brian Wilson & Mike Love Signed Autographed Guitar PSA Certified

Memorabilia Comes in all Shapes and Sizes

Memorabilia is all about the Nostalgia and theres so much different types of Memorabilia that you can find. When it comes to Beach Boys Memorabilia theres no shortage of choice. On eBay alone you can find everything from vintage concert posters to Tour Jackets and T shirts and even limited edition professionally taken photos.

On Amazon you can find Custom Framed Gold Plated LPs, Wall Clocks and of course Promo Posters, Concert Memorabilia and much much more. All these items are great and will make the perfect gift. They look good displayed in the home or on the wall and will put a smile on anyones face, but they will very rarely increase in value and they don’t have that personal touch that Signed Memorabilia has.

Unfortunately Signed Memorabilia can be pricey and is more suited as an investment than a gift. In saying that though if you can get a group to chip in, signed memorabilia would make the ultimate gift that someone could cherish for many years to come. Keeping in mind though you need to do your research before hand and buy from a reputable dealer. For this I recommend

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My ConclusionMarc Constantine Affiliate Blogger

Beach Boys Memorabilia is a great gift for any fan, Signed Memorabilia by Beach Boys would be even better as the value will go up over time making it a great investment as well. Unfortunately Signed Memorabilia can be quite expensive, I think it’s worth having a look and see if there is anything in your price range(but please remember to follow my rules before purchasing).

Alternatively Amazon and eBay have some great memorabilia on their sites that will still put a smile on any Beach Boys fans face and will still make a great gift. Thank you for taking the time to read my Article and I hope I helped you with your Gift Idea problems. Also please leave any questions or comments in the comment section.

If signed memorabilia is out of your price range you can also find awesome memorabilia on eBay or Amazon that will also make a perfect gift for any Beach Boys fan.

11 thoughts on “Beach Boys”

  1. In your opinion what makes certain pieces of memorabilia worth more than others? Also how would you recommend going about making sure items are authentic before proceeding to invest in them? I do agree on the part of going with big names, if it is not a big name group or person it’s not much of an investment as the market for resell is dramatically smaller.

    • Hi Carson thanks for the comment any signed memorabilia from a famous entertainer or sport star will most likely increase in value but if your lucky enough to find something is of value and is signed by the artist or sports star than that memorabilia will increase by a lot more than if it’s just a poster or something of little value. For example just recently a John Lennon owned copy of the Beatles controversial Butcher Cover version of Yesterday and Today just sold at auction for $US234,000. The value of this item was so high because John Lennon use to own the copy and the album with his signature is rare and limited. If you are looking to buy signed memorabilia make sure it’s from a credible seller who certifies his items that way you have proof your memorabilia is authentic.

  2. It is a great idea indeed! I would love to have a signed Beach Boys memorabilia. I know it can be any other band or singer that is a legend but I just loved Beach Boys when I was a child, we had vinyls with their songs and my parents listened to them a lot, among others. The vinyls are still in our closet but unfortunately not signed 🙂 That would be a treasure if they were, wouldn’t it? 
    I think buying memorabilia for someone’s birthday or as a Christmas present is perfect as it only increases in value so the person you give it have something even more valuable in future.

    • Hi Lenka thanks for the comment, my parents also loved the Beach Boys and I would listen to them as a kid. When I was writing my article I was thinking how awesome it would be to have something signed by Brian Wilson who is my favourite Beach Boy.

  3. i wonder how parents react to their children’s choice of career. Growing up in suburban Los Angeles, the Wilson brothers were encouraged by their parents to explore music.  but even at that, The story of the Beach Boys is a kind of philosophical problem also, time and social change have been rough on the Beach Boys. great time to recall them anyways

  4. My mother loves the Beach Boys, she has always been a huge fan! She has many of their records, if not all, it’s possible 😉 She has them on the good old LP’s, but she has also gotten some on CD’s. I grew up with much of their (and other) music. I remember Surfin USA and Good Vibrations. I like their music, it is happy and feel good music. 

    Nowadays it is sad to see artists from our youth pass away, like Prince, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, George MIchael … I didn’t know that Dennis Wilson had drowned … That’s awful. 

    Where can I get Beach Boys memorabilia? You recommend reputable sellers. Is there a good online platform where reputable sellers are listed or do I have to research this best on my own? My mom would love it if I gave her one. I’m sure she would 🙂 

  5. This memorabilia is going to appeal to a group of people that I Blog about and that is those from the boomer generation years 1946-1964.

    The Beach boys along with the Beatles, The Stones, The Doors and others changed music around the world in perhaps the most dramatic and controversial way that it had changed over 2000 years.

    I am sure that authentic memorabilia from these cultural icons will command and sustain good prices for many years to come



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