Vinyl Records Collectors Guide-How To Manage Your Collection

Before Spotify, Apple music and other music streaming apps people owned CD’s. Before CD’s people listened to tapes and Vinyl records. To me there was nothing better than holding in your hand a brand new Vinyl Record of your favourite artist or band. The thrill of rushing home and putting the needle down and hearing the crackling of the music was music to my ears. Now we don’t have to leave home and we get crystal clear music within minutes. I’m sure you will agree though its just not the same. For one you can’t show off your collection with pride.

Know What You are Selling Before You Sell It

Today I want to present a Vinyl Record Collectors Guide, because let’s face it there is probably many of us out there who have something rare in there record collection and don’t even know it. Your Mother and Father might have collectors item hiding in the cupboard collecting dust. So let’s explore some of the rare vinyl records out there and ways you can get them valued.

First of all let me tell you about a Canadian record collector named Warren Hill who discovered a rare Velvet Underground album being sold at a street sale in a Chelsea neighborhood in New York City. Unfortunately the owner didn’t know the value of this rare item and sold it for 75 cents. The album was the Underground’s debut album, but not the one featuring Andy Warhol’s famous Banana, but rather an Acetate test pressing featuring early versions and mixes of songs that in different forms would eventually appear on the finished album.

The disc had handwritten labels and came in a plain brown sleeve. The seller of this rare collectors item probably thought he got a fair price at 75 cents from looking at the item but Warren Hill ended up selling the album on eBay for a crazy $25,200. Crazy right! I’m sure there are other examples of this out there and I think that’s why it is so important to know what you’re selling before you sell it. So how do you do this?

What Is Your Collection Worth?

Now I am sure that most of your Vinyl records you own you will probably be lucky to get 75 cents for, but there just maybe a chance you or someone you know has that rare collectors item that a collector out there would love to get his hands on. You can easily do this online, there is so many websites out there that will inform you of the value of your collection. One of my favourites is Discogs, probably the best in terms of how easy it is to use and amount of available information it provides. Discogs provide you with a barcode scanner via their app. Here you can easily scan the barcode on the album to get the albums release information immediately.

If the album doesn’t have a barcode then not to worry you can fill out the details on the app or website. Once you have the albums release information than all you need to do is provide the catalogue number to find out the value. The catalogue number will either be found on the spine of the album or on the back cover. The catalogue number is often found in more than one place, both on the outside of the album and on the disc itself.

At Discogs they even provide a shortcut if you want to find the value of a collection of albums. You can get all this information on Discogs Website. Like I said though there are many other websites that will provide you with a same information in a similar way if you would prefer to try somewhere else.

Buying and Selling Collectible Vinyl Records.

If you’re keen to start collecting vinyl records as an investment, or you think you own one or more rare valuable collectors items but aren’t sure how to sell it than let me give you some tips.

  • First of all the condition of the album is extremely important for both buying and selling.
  • You don’t want scratches on the album itself and the cover wants to have very limited damage if none at all. You may still get a good price for collectors item with a little damage but mint condition will always get more.
  • If you feel that the record is something you want to sell, I’d recommend taking it to an auction house specializing in Vinyl Records as they are going to be able to give you expert advice and help you sell the item at the best price. This is because auction houses get paid by commission, so the more you get the more they get. Let’s face it eBay still charge fees for selling items on their site and you don’t get the peace of mind.
  • Even when buying a collector’s item your best bet is a specialized auction house that is reputable to protect you from being ripped off.
  • Vinyl Records that have been signed by the Band or Artist are of high value and will be worth a lot more.
  • It still doesn’t hurt to look on eBay or Yard sales when buying, like I said some people have no idea what they are selling and what it is really worth.
  • When buying at an auction house always check that the record has been catalogued with an official condition grading. On more expensive vinyl records, the sleeve, inner sleeve and record itself should all be graded separately.
  • The popularity of the artist or band is very important. Artists in the rock, blues, jazz, classical and soul categories tend to be much more in demand than those in the easy listening, country, spoken word or comedy categories.

For More Information On Vinyl Records Collecting Watch Video Below.

Discogs Top 10 Most Expensive Albums 2019.

If you have any of these in your closet or if you know someone who does I recommend you get it valued and insured because you have in your possession a very expensive collectors item.

10. Röyksopp ‎– Melody A.M. Previously sold for $8,025.04

9. Billy Nicholls – Would You Believe Previously sold for $9,851.06

8. The Beatles – Love Me Do. Previously sold for $10,472.89

7. Pink Floyd ‎– Ummagumma. Previously sold for $13,845.84

6. Sex Pistols ‎– God Save The Queen Previously sold for $14,680.20

5. The Beatles – Love Me Do. Previously sold for $14,845.17

4. Prince – Black Album Previously sold for $15,000.00

3. Ferris Wheel – Supernatural Girl Previously sold for $15,001.77

2. Sex Pistols – God Save The Queen Previously sold for $16,125.18

1. Prince – Black Album Previously sold for $27,500.00

I found it interesting that The Beatles Love Me Do, Sex Pistols God Saved The Queen and Prince Black Album appeared twice at different prices. Just goes to show condition as well as other factors can play a significant part in the value of each album.

My Conclusion.Marc Constantine Affiliate Blogger

I have always enjoyed collecting things and albums have played a big part for me. There is a lot of fun in looking for the hidden treasure at a yard sale or on eBay and just like Warren Hill, you maybe lucky enough to find it. We all know someone who has a large collection of albums, or you might be a collector yourself but don’t know the value of your collection.

It’s easy to get that information and might be worth doing. If you are like me and enjoy the hunt then I recommend looking on eBay for that bargain or your local market or yard sale. I hope this article has helped you and as always please leave any questions or comments in the comment section below.

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18 thoughts on “Vinyl Records Collectors Guide-How To Manage Your Collection”

  1. When CDs came out in the 80’s I thought that vinyl records would die a slow and painful death, but surprisingly they are still so popular nowadays. The prices now are astronomical though and music is far cheaper streamed online now.

    You are right about that feeling of nostalgia when you get to play a vinal record, and my brother is still an avid collector, but I must admit that for myself I far prefer not having all the clutter, as you have to admit that they do take up a lot of room.

    I have only five of my favorites left that I won’t part with and one of them is the Dirty Dancing LP from the 80’s.

    • Hi Michel thanks for the comment. I agree they do take up a lot of room, most of mine are stored in the attic. I don’t have turntable to listen to them on but I do get them out every now and then to look and smell. I love that distinctive Vinyl smell.

  2. New boards are usually more expensive than other formats, but panel advocates say the listening experience is incomparably better and therefore worth the price. Switching to vinyl from other formats has another added benefit, which is that you could potentially get rich. Initial sales of music greats such as The Beatles or Bruce Springsteen, and rare or misspelled editions with alternative covers, are potentially worth a fortune.

    • Hi and thanks for the comment. I actually have an album with the wrong label on it that I am holding onto. I haen’t had it valued but it’s in mint condition and definitely be worth a lot of money. 

  3. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. everything about signed memorabilia is awesome. i did not realize the cost for single album went that high in 2019. this is real information

    • Hi Benny and thanks for the comment. I was also amazed how much some of the albums sold for in 2019 and I was amazed Prince’s Black album was the most expensive.

  4. Hello there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here. Establishing vinyl records value is an inexact science, and there are a number of factors that go into determining whether a given record is something that will bring a lot of money from a collector or something that would best be used as a place mat. Thanks!

    • Hi and Thanks for the comment. It is very important to know what you have in your collection. You don’t want to use the wrong album as a placemat.

  5. Thank you so much for presenting such a well-researched article.The content of your article is a VINYL record collector’s guide.Vinyl record culture has come back from near extinction. That’s great news for collectors. This is the largest physical music Database on the web.  It’s also a Marketplace where users can buy and sell records.Details about the vinyl record could not be finished.So please share your informative article on my Facebook account and ask for your support.

  6. You really did the magic, you sent me memory lane. You made me remember my father and his records properly arranged on his shelve. I new me later emerged and I would keep CDS, now I keep nothing. Not even flash drive.
    I have always thought of get some old records but afraid of scratch and the likes, thank you I now know what to do

    • Hi Parameter thanks for the comment and I’m glad my article took you back. It is unfortunate that we can’t show off our music collection anymore.

  7. Wow, I’m ‘only’ 43 this year and I had almost completely forgotten that vinyl existed. I can still remember my first record bought and the fact I had asked my father to go into town and buy it for me whilst I was off school sick. Such great memories. Great to see someone keeping the old topics alive. My mother still has a lot of her old vinyl so next time I am there I may need to rummage through and see if she has any hidden classics. Very nice post.

    • Hi Mike thanks for the comment, my Mum has this great Elvis collection that I would love to get valued but I know it would be a waste of time because she will never part with them. She said I can have them when she dies, the problem is I don’t think I could part with them because I use to listen to them when I was a kid for hours and hours.

  8. Very well put together and written, good job. These vinyl records, you mention that if had some  records I would like to sell ,I  should take to an auction house, correct? Would having the auction on E-bay give you a much larger audience to bit on my item? If not Why? Would not selling on E-bay be cheaper than auctioning my item at an auction house? You  mention rare and old Vinyl Records that were old, but you did not say exactly how old, and how old is the oldest you have ever seem? Ball park figure, what is the average price for a vinyl in good condition go for now a days? Is vinyl record collecting have a large following? Which country or area is vinyl collecting more popular?  What is the age group that vinyl record collecting is more popular with? You mention that vinyl record collectors have many records in their collection, right? How many vinyl records are in a collectors collection? What would be the average number of vinyl records in a collection?

    • Hi and thanks for the comment and questions. If you have a rare vinyl record that is a collectors item, you can definitely sell it on eBay but you might not get the price that a professional would get for you. Selling at an auction house means your item will be graded on eBay the collector doesn’t no the actual condition of the item. You will find most serious collectors avoid eBay. Yes it is cheaper on eBay but there’s a reason for that. 

      The age of the early Vinyl can date back to the 1930s and as late as the early 2000s. The value depends on the release and condition of the album. The oldest I have seen is Them’s Gloria on Single which I still own. My Uncle has over 3000 records in his collection, he moved house two years ago and most of the boxes contained his record collection.

  9. I was born in 1979, so it was the era when the retro music of the 70’s are being replaced by the new wave of the 80’s. I still remember, in my cousin’s house, they have that turn-table where they play vinyl records. I was a young boy and those were the music that wake my consciousness about the world I live in.

    This collectors guide that you’ve shared will be a good reference for me as I rekindle those years of my youth. With the online retailer that you’ve shared, can we find just anything that we’re looking for like any band of the yester-years that we are searching for?

    I’ve got several friends on Facebook who share the same interest with me when it comes to music. I’m gonna share this article to them.

    • Hi Gomer, thanks for the comment. Discogs help you find information on the Vinyl Record you want to add or sell to your collection. It helps you find the value of the item. It’s a really nifty app. Thanks for sharing the article.


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